Large Roof House

To mark the 50th year, this year’s theme is the “Large Roof House”.
What come to mind with the words “Large,” “Roof,” and “House,” and what form of architecture is imagined.

The word “Large” should not only be limited to the physical size of the roof but as a metaphor, it can be interpreted as the unity of society or as a large-scale aggregate such as the earth.

The “Roof” is an archetype of architecture, as a shelter from wind, rain, and sunlight, but what does the “Large Roof” protect and what kind of space spreads around it.

Nature, living, daily life, society, relief, being connected…...

The hints could be found not just by imagining the world matter or surroundings but also may be hiding in the past literature or even in new technologies.

With minds open, try and spread the ideas without taking the words literally.

Since the first competition held in 1974, half a century has passed, and Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition would like to return once again to the basics on thoughts towards the origin of architecture.

“Large Roof House” connecting to the new era.
We look forward to your submissions.

Ryue Nishizawa

“Regardless of race, gender, class, religion, creed, and thoughts, architectural space and large roof is something shared by all.
It is a symbol of pluralism, and an architecture form of diversity.
Think specifically and suggest on the meaning of large roof, and what types of people gather in what types of spaces.
Looking forward to seeing the “Large Roof House” with the sense of our future.”

Akihisa Hirata

“What is a Roof? There is no question more fundamental to architecture than this which provokes various responses.
For example, I would say a roof is the true character of water flow which becomes apparent by the help of man. In what sense within the realm of possibility can a roof be "Large". Try and find heuristic approach from various retrospectives.”

Yasutaka Yoshimura

“When thinking of a “Large Roof House,” it gives an image of a house with magnificent and luxurious roof. The height and slopes of this roof may not only consider sunlight or rainwater drainage,
it also may be based on various grounds such as lifestyle and site.
On the other hand, wonder if there is a large roof, there must also be a small roof. The size of a roof changes depending on the subject.
Awaiting to see your submissions, by imagining “Small House.”

Tatsuya Hatori

“「宇宙」is read the universe in Japanese written by Kanji.
Both of these letters includes「宀」as a component on the top which means roof. This shows that the Japanese people saw the universe as a gigantic roof within. There are innumerable things which are compared to a roof, like a huge mountain range, symbol of family like groups, or a tree as a shelter from the rain.
Even though the theme maybe concrete, it is a theme broadly interpreted returning to the roots. Waiting to see architecture with the ability to see into the next half century.

Ryuji Fujimura

“There is a tradition in Japan for example that the size of roofs show power in religious architectures, and in process of modernization flat roofs were used, then after came the challenges to imitate colonies by stacking many roofs to make the roofs “Small.”
Imagine and show new roofs that are beyond the conflict of physical size large/small.

Yukihiro Sohdai

“The Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition has reached a major milestone in its 50th year which began with the desire "contributing to the development of architectural culture” and would like to give our sincere gratitude to all who has loved this competition as a gateway to success for architects.
Anticipating to seeing new ideas related to the "Roof" which we are all deeply familiar with.”



  • 1st PRIZE[one]
  • 1,000,000yen
  • 2nd PRIZE[one]
  • 500,000yen
  • 3rd PRIZE[one]
  • 300,000yen
  • Merit PRIZE[eight]
  • 100,000yen   each
Total prizes amount : 2,600,000 yen
All above prize money includes income tax

    The results will be informed to the winners and will be announced
    in the January 2024 issue of SHINKENCHIKU.
  • Exhibition

    Exhibition will be held at AIJ building in Tokyo Japan:
    Feb. 13th(Tue)-Feb. 16th(Fri), 2024



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A registration number and applicaion form will be issued by email after the registration is properly completed.

One registration number is only valid for one submission. For multiple submissions, register multiple times to receive individual registration number for each submission.

The Competition office cannot make any changes on the application form for the participants, if any changes or mistakes in registration occur, re-registration is required.


Use one sheet of thick drawing paper (like Kent paper) of A2-Size (420mm x 594mm).

Thin paper such as imitation vellum-paper should not be used since easy to break when opening the envelope.

Paper mounted onto a panel or frame will not be accepted.


All works should represent the theme just by drawings or pictures.
Explanation in words should be kept to a minimum.

Drawings can be block plan, floor plan, elevation view, cross-section view, perspective view, model photo, etc.

You may use blue print, pencil, ink, color, photos, print etc. at your discretion.

Registration number & Application form

How to submit?

Send your submission to the address below.

Nisshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Attn. : Design Competition Office
2F, 2-23-4 Senju-Azuma, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-0025, Japan
Phone : +81-3-3882-2613

Submissions will be accepted only through mail delivery. UPS, EMS, DHL or any other overseas mailing service will be accepted.

Submissions can be packed in any form, though preferred to be sent flat to avoid rolling or damage.

All costs for submission such as shipping, delivery, tax, insurance etc. will be borne by the entrant.

If any charges or payment occurs when arriving at the competition office, the submission will be returned to the sender or to be held at the shipping company by sender’s expense.

Competition office will not be responsible for any lost submission while shipping. Confirmation for submission arrival will not be answered by the competition office.

Additional information

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  • All entries should not have been published or shown to public before in whole or in part including social media.
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  • If infringement or any other problem is found after announcement of the winning prizes, all the relevant responsibilities must be assumed by the entrants.
  • Change of application contents by the entrant after winning announcement will not be accepted.
  • Do not publish your submission in any form in whole or in part including social media until after the winners are announced on the competition web site.
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